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Design & Stone Sourcing Fee

Design & Stone Sourcing Fee

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Once we have established the parameters of our project together, we require a payment to do further work into stone sourcing, design work or any research and development associated with your custom piece. This fee is part of the cost of a custom ring, and is credited towards your project invoice once we move forward. It is non-refundable incase of the project changes.

How much does an initial deposit cost?

We charge $350 to begin custom work beyond the initial consultation and once we need to gather stones or research ideas for your custom piece. We love discussing custom work and spend a lot of time behind the scenes working for you in the beginning before we have even made a piece of jewellery. Thank you for trusting us with our process and compensating us for this time. Additional meetings/communication may need to be billed at a cost of $50/30min or $85/hour or a subsequent charge for additional stone viewing or drawings of $350

The $350 deposit covers the following:

Sourcing stones for your project (up to 3 from Misfit Diamonds, and up to 5 stones total if we are sourcing from different vendors) We may need to ship stones in from a supplier, and take photos and videos for you to select from. Read our FAQ


Drawings of bands/designs (up to 3). If you are buying a focal gemstone, we do this after you have selected and paid for your gemstone, not in advance of the project. If you have any questions, please email us.

This fee is non-refundable and will be credited towards your final piece.

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