Collection: Salt and Pepper Diamonds

Looking for the perfect salt and pepper diamond ring Canada? Need help with your selection? We are here for you. Get in touch to ask for any advice or insight into picking the most amazing, or classic, salt and pepper diamond for you. Salt and pepper diamonds have the same cubic crystal structure as clear colorless diamonds, but throughout the process of growing within the earth's crust, absorb imperfections from the environment around them. These "flaws" of nature are not flaws to everyone, infact they are more covetted today for their irregularity, subjective beauty, and one of a kind features. For expert advise on choosing the right Salt and Pepper Diamond, get in touch with EG Bespoke today. Some of our Salt and Pepper Diamonds are mined in Canada, and will be listed with a Canadian Diamond 🇨🇦 Flag for a transparent and easy shopping experience online.

To view stones in person we require your patience and cooperation. We do not discount stones shown in person, due to the personalized nature of the service in finding you the right stone.

  • please email us to communicate your interest
  • pay our Sourcing fee
  • set up an appointment, and we can gladly assist
  • typical wait for stone viewing is 7-10 days, and gems are not held for more than 5 days after viewing. Subject to change without notice.
  • read our FAQ about custom work