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Bespoke heirloom jewelry in gold, glass and gems

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Designing a custom ring is a fun experience from start to finish. You may have some ideas and need help putting together the pieces. I promise it’s not as hard as you think, and so many people say that I make it easy and stress free!

Custom engagement rings begin at $3000 and you can read more on our FAQ page


Toronto's hidden gem

Meet Toronto goldsmith and designer Emily Gill

Emily was born in Montreal, Quebec. She started working as a goldsmith in 2009, though she has been making jewelry since 1998. With an eye for combining rich and nuanced colors, and skilled in the craft of glass enameling, she combines age old techniques and new computer technology to create unique collections and one of a kind fine jewelry designs.

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What clients are saying

Emily took a shifting idea and shaped it into something tangible, and then executed the most enchanting future family heirloom. If you’re imagining what your ring will look like, it will look like what you hoped for, but imbued with an ineffable beauty that only an artist can conjure. Thank you so much.


I knew Emily was the designer I wanted to work with for my anniversary ring from the moment I saw her designs. They're so creative and unique, just like her. I know that I wouldn’t have found a ring that fits my personality like if I hadn't gone to her. It’s been the bright spot in the Covid lockdown, for sure, and she definitely has a customer for life out of me!


Emily is the best! She’s such a lovely & creative person to work with. She was always so quick to reply to any questions I had & was very helpful when we were going through the process of designing my ring. She literally made my dreams come true. Not only is her work exceptional, but she herself is such an absolute sweetheart.


Emily designed and created my fiancé’s dream ring! From sourcing the stone, all the way to picking up the fully complete customized ring, Emily kept me involved and was such a joy to work with.


Emily is fantastic! We are absolutely thrilled with the rings she made for us and went back for seconds after the first round! Emily’s work is not just designed-to-specification but is truly artistic, creative and unique.

J & S

Emily is the best...I had ideas of what I wanted but wasn't sure how to explain them. Emily listened and put everything together to make it reality. The ring she made is a stunner. My fiance was so shocked and has fallen in love with the ring.


I think I fell in love with Emily’s work before I fell in love with my husband. A friend of mine worked with Emily to make her engagement ring. I was so struck by the creativity of Emily’s designs. They are wonderful combination of vintage, modernity and romance.


Emily's unique aesthetic immediately caught my eye as I was looking for a local jeweller to work with. My now husband knew that I would want to be involved in having something customized so we reached out to Emily after I fell in love with her enamel rings. 


We had a very specific design in mind but we had a very little knowledge about the process. Emily very patiently explained everything, show us all the options and made great suggestions. She was very kind and easy to work with, made the whole process fun and enjoyable. My engagement ring came out absolutely STUNNING and I honestly loved the whole experience.