Collection: Antique Cut Diamonds

Our selection of modern and historical antique cuts offer a truly unique style when making your dream ring. Marquise, antique cushion, portrait cut diamonds, old European cut and emerald cut engagement rings in vintage inspired rings have become popular engagement ring styles. To decode products and make your research easier, please read our descriptions: "modern antique cuts" refer to diamonds that have recently been cut in old styles, whereas diamonds listed as "antique cut" are genuine vintage diamonds reclaimed from antique jewellery by our diamond partner, Misfit Diamonds. For expert advice on choosing the right antique cut diamond, please get in touch with EG Bespoke today! 

To view stones in person we require your patience and cooperation. We do not discount stones shown in person, due to the personalized nature of the service in finding you the right stone.
  • please email us to communicate your interest
  • pay our Sourcing fee
  • set up an appointment, and we can gladly assist
  • typical wait for stone viewing is 7-10 days, and gems are not held for more than 5 days after viewing. Subject to change without notice.
  • read our FAQ about custom work