Collection: Em's Gems

"I have been keeping so many stones in the vault that delight me, always with that intention it could be perfect for one of our signature rings. I remember each stone and story, where I bought it, and the faces that helped me procure it. These are my stones purchased with heart and head, with my clients in mind....and they're also my personal treasures. I hope you will enjoy shopping Em's Gems as much as I loved finding them." 

A collection of gemstones of various price points and for all occasions curated from bespoke gemcutters and artisanal mines worldwide, gemdealers who are ICA Ambassadors for Canada and follow strict codes of ethics. Some minor recutting and polishing may be expected on some of our pre-loved or repurposed stones, so please let us know if you would like to update any of the loose gemstones (sapphires specifically) by way of re-polishing for a low fee of $150.00* (this may result in a lower carat yield and material loss, but improved appearance. We cannot recut or repolish any of the diamonds in Em's Gems at the moment due to manufacturing hurdles.

Our stones are available for private custom sale only through EG Bespoke Ltd. if you want to take a look, feel free to set up an appointment! 

Please send an email after checkout to inquire about getting your unique custom project started!