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Custom FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Custom Work

Buying a bespoke ring is a fun experience of designing a special piece from start to finish! I promise it’s not as hard as you think, and so many people say that I make it easy and stress free! You may have some ideas of your dream ring and need help putting together the pieces. If you have a particular deadline, please get in touch so we can let you know if it is feasible with our current workload. We unfortunately do not attempt rush orders to keep the quality of work to our standards. Below outlines our standard process and information to equip you with some knowledge before we get started.

One: Getting started

Buying a bespoke ring is a fun experience of designing a special piece from start to finish! I promise it’s not as hard as you think, and so many people say that I make it easy and stress free! You may have some ideas of your dream ring and need help putting together the pieces.

How much does it cost? 

The average amount spent on a custom ring is $6500. My minimum cost for custom gold bands rings is $1000CAD (stones not included), gold solitaires $1800CAD excluding the centre stone or accent stones, 18k gold enamel settings begin at $3000CAD excluding the centre stone or accents. The cost of engagement rings in my ready to purchase collection is $3000-15000 CAD and browsing the website may help establish what different ring designs cost. Custom work often costs more than ready made designs so it is not possible to make an existing ring for less in the same materials because the custom services bill additional hours and time. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please have a look at our Work Service Agreement for payment schedule on custom work.


I saw one of your rings but it is sold out, can you draw inspiration from it and recreate something similar?

Yes! If you have seen a piece of mine but it is no longer available, I am happy to make something similar. If you have any ideas on how you might like to customize it or tweak the design, I can work with you to create something perfect and just for you.

Can I bring my own gemstone/materials? 

We currently have some spots available for 2023 for customer re-purposing projects of heirloom jewellery (this means inherited diamonds/sapphires/gold etc, not diamonds purchased for less on diamond wholesale websites). The cost to work with Emily to re-imagine your ring starts at $1250CAD, and you must be able to bring your materials into our studio to be assessed, and leave materials with us for the duration of the project (we cannot do stone setting on the spot). Any additional gems, gold, required will be billed accordingly. No two re-purposing projects are alike so we suggest you schedule a virtual consultation to learn more. 

Two: Align the Vision

Before we begin any creative work, let's chat and get to know what it is you want, what type of gemstone you are looking for, shape, design inspiration, budget and timeframe. Schedule a phone consultation online or email us with your availability. .

Does it cost anything to have a consultation? 

A 30 minute phone consultation is absolutely free of charge - we are flexible to call our clients on Zoom.

Three: Pick your stone & design

Once we have established the parameters of our project together, we require a deposit to do further work into stone sourcing, design work or any research and development associated with your custom piece.

How much does an initial deposit cost?

We charge $350+tax to begin custom work beyond the initial consultation and once we need to gather stones or research ideas for your custom piece. We love discussing custom work and spend a lot of time behind the scenes working for you in the beginning before we have even made a piece of jewellery, and thank you for trusting us with our process and compensating us for this time. 

The $350+tax fee covers the following:

Sourcing stones for your project. We may need to ship stones in from a supplier, and take photos and videos for you to select from. We can borrow up to 3 stones per viewing from our selection online. We have other gem dealers who can procure coloured gems (ruby, emerald, aqua, anything you can imagine really!) which are not online.

Drafts and drawings of custom work for heirloom stones (3 drawings, 1 turned into a CAD rendering after we've finalized the drawings).  Please ask for a copy of our work service agreement to see the Payments Revisions schedule for extra work incurred to produce your final ring.

This fee is non-refundable and will be credited towards your final piece.

How many stones will I see?

We currently offer hundreds of diamonds for sale from our partner Misfit Diamonds Ltd. online, with videos and pricing, so you may browse as many as you want online and complete your purchase through our site. .

If EG Bespoke is sourcing gems for you from our local and Canadian trusted partners, 2-3 stones is typical, and we do our best to curate a selection of gems that fit your parameters. Sometimes fewer or more stones are available and our clients trust us to pick the best for your specific request. If your request was challenging or impossible, we would not take on the project in the first place, as we do like to work on pieces we feel we can accomplish and that will make you happy. If you are located in or able to visit us in the studio, our ad

When do I have to decide on my stone choice and pay for it?

We understand that you may need to sleep on your decision before confirming your choice and paying a deposit for the stone. We ask that you let us know, and pay for your stone within 5 business days. To pay, we will send a custom payment link for either 50% of the estimated total cost of the piece, or if the stone costs more than $3000 we will ask for full payment of the stone to confirm the purchase. You can pay with a credit card, send an e-transfer. We do not accept personal cheques mailed or hand delivered, (only certified cheques). We can accept cash for payment in full including all applicable taxes.

If I am not using other gems in my ring, do I have to pay for design work?

Yes, if you are not picking out a stone with us, our $350+tax fee will cover the time to create 3 drafts of designs for your consideration. There may be some small tweaks and discussions to get design just right, and additional drawings are billed at $100/concept. We only translate one drawing into a 3D model, which brings us to our next FAQ.

Do you show 3D models? 

We send one custom 3D model verification email before moving the ring to production. Because we take the time to refine the design by drawings, this is a final step before the ring is made into gold. If you would like 3D models made of multiple design concepts for the same project, an additional $200+tax per model will be applied to the final cost of your ring.

When are payments for work due? 

We require at least 50% to be paid in advance of beginning production on any custom piece, purchasing a stone over $3000 requires full payment. The final balance is due upon completion and before shipping or pick up. Because of the unique nature of custom design, unfortunately, we do not offer refunds for amounts paid toward custom work or exchanges or return on custom jewellery. In the event that a customer decides not to continue to completion with a custom order once a deposit has been made, there will be no refund for work completed up to the point of cancellation. All pieces must be paid in full prior to or at the time of delivery or shipment once completed.


FOUR: Production: 

This is the most exciting part and where you let me take care of the finer details. Having gone step by step from inspiration, drafts and sketches, to a computer 3D model means we simply need to set everything into motion.   

What is your lead time on custom work?  

We generally say it takes up to 12 weeks for all custom pieces though some projects take more time. If we are closed for a holiday, we will disclose an interruption in the production schedule and let you know the earliest delivery date of your order.

What if I make changes after I have finalized the design?

If at any point you are curious as to what stage your ring is at in production, do not hesitate to ask. Any changes made at this time will be subject to fees to cover re-modelling, re-casting, or changing gemstones, and delay completion of your piece.
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