Spring Romance - The Allure of Beautiful Pink and Purple Sapphires

Spring Romance - The Allure of Beautiful Pink and Purple Sapphires

With spring comes a burst of color that inspires and captivates us. Among the dazzling shades that this season offers, pink and purple stand out for their delicate beauty and romantic appeal.

At EmilyGill.ca, we are proud to showcase a remarkable selection of sapphires that range from sweet pink to regal purple. From exquisite engagement rings to beautiful statement pieces, our collection captures the spirit of spring in all its glory.


The Sensuality of Purple and Pink

The sensuality of purple and pink can be seen in the lush petals of a rose, the ethereal beauty of a lavender blossom, or the radiant glow of a sunset. In fashion, these colors have often been associated with femininity and grace. From bold statement pieces to subtle pastel hues, any outfit can become a source of charm and romance when these colors are included.

The scent of purple and pink flowers is also known to be calming and soothing, creating an atmosphere of relaxation. In nature, the reflection of light on the petals makes these colors glow with a magical aura. Whether you choose to admire them in a garden or in a jewelry shop, the beauty of these colors is undeniable.

It's spring, a season we associate with all things bright and beautiful. Like fresh purple flowers with an amazing aroma, such as lavender and hyacinth. We also start to see breathtaking sunsets that paint the sky in shades of magenta and violet. This year the northern lights have lit our skies with unusually beautiful shades of purple and pink.

Purple is a color of profound significance. With its rich history and diverse cultural symbolism, it has been a source of fascination for centuries.  We also see purple as a symbol of royalty and luxury, as it was once a rare and expensive dye reserved for the elite.

In our contemporary culture, purple evokes feelings of grace, creativity, and spirituality. With its calming and uplifting energy, it is a color of inner peace and mystical beauty. It's no wonder when some people meditate they claim to see the power of purple and associate it with peace. 

When you wear purple sapphire jewelry, you carry with you the essence of spring's magic and the allure of the divine.

Pink is the color of love and tenderness. In nature, it symbolizes innocence and youthfulness - a perfect expression to match the beauty and freshness that spring brings.

We know pink as an ideal hue for romantic occasions like weddings or anniversaries. It also speaks to us of beauty, softness, and femininity.

A pink sapphire ring is a timeless symbol of romance that will add grace and elegance to any jewelry collection.

Every spring, we are reminded of the allure and power of pink and purple. Whether you are looking for the perfect engagement ring or a unique statement piece, we invite you to explore our selection of bright to pale pink and purple sapphires.

 So Where Does the Color Come From? - The Science of Color in Sapphires

Sapphires are a type of corundum mineral that get their color from different chemical impurities in the crystal's structure.

Pink sapphires are tinted with a trace of chromium or iron, while purple sapphires contain traces of titanium or iron. The intensity of the color depends on the amount and type of impurities present, as well as the crystal's crystallographic orientation.

At EmilyGill.ca, we source our sapphires from reputable miners and gemstone cutters who comply with ethical and environmental standards. We believe in promoting transparency and accountability in the gemstone industry, and we are committed to providing our customers with nothing but the finest quality gemstones.


The Art of Opalescence

One of the fascinating features of sapphires is their opalescence, which is a phenomenon that occurs when light interacts with inclusions inside the crystal. 

Opalescent sapphires display a milky, hazy effect that resembles the beauty of a gentle mist. This effect is caused by tiny needle-like inclusions that scatter the light in different directions, creating a diffused and soft appearance. 

The opalescence in sapphires can vary from subtle to intense, and it can affect the value and beauty of the stone.

A special opalescent deal for you

To launch the very special opalescent sapphire collection from one of my oldest suppliers of natural earth mined sapphires, we are offering a sweet deal on anything in the www.sorbetsapphire.com collection - including pink and purple opalescent sapphires.

Watch our video for more information, or click here.


At EmilyGill.ca, we appreciate the unique and ethereal quality of opalescent sapphires, and we offer a range of designs that showcase this captivating feature.

 Use code EMILY15 to receive 15% off any stone in the Sorbet Sapphire collection, this special is exclusive to EG Bespoke for the month of April 2023, and is valid on purchase of any sapphire in any colour! Browse to your heart's content, and when you are ready to purchase, the Sorbet team will process your order and prepare it for delivery to our studio. Your stone will be shipped to us here in the studio to work with on custom jeweller of your choosing. To inquire about custom work, you can always send Emily an email to info@emilygill.ca or set up a virtual consultation on our website.


Experience the Magic - Another Exceptional Moyo Sapphire Ring

You may have seen tanzanite, a gem named after the geographical location where it is primarily mined in Tanzania, but did you know many purple sapphires also are found in mines across Tanzania, and Kenya. Late last summer, we picked out this incredibly stunning sapphire to include in our collection for spring...take a look!

Our Purple Sky Moyo Sapphire Ring is a stunning example of the captivating beauty of sapphires. This exceptional ring features a 2.94 carat sapphire with a dreamy purple hue that evokes the tranquility of a summer sunset. The sapphire is ethically sourced from artisanal female miners in the Umba Valley, Tanzania, who work with dedication and skill to extract these rare and precious gems.


The ring's design is a perfect balance between simplicity and sophistication. The sapphire is set in a bezel that highlights its natural beauty without overpowering it, while the knife-edge band adds a touch of modern elegance. The step-cut baguette lab diamonds complement the sapphire's color and enhance its brilliance, creating a sense of harmony and balance in the design.





Check out our
Mine to Market Moyo Sapphires Collection

See the entire Moyo Collection 


Looking for something totally unique, totally ethical and unlike anything else you'll ever find?

Moyo sapphires are very rare and special, sourced from Moyo Gems, a women-led artisanal mine-to-market initiative based out of East Africa. Together with our partner Misfit Diamonds Ltd., we at EG Bespoke are very grateful to have a limited selection available for sale here online.


Spring Collection: Pink and Purple Sapphire Rings, and more!

At EmilyGill.ca, we offer a diverse selection of pink and purple sapphires in various cuts, sizes, and settings. Each piece is a work of art that reflects the unique personality and style of its wearer.

From classic solitaire engagement rings to contemporary statement pieces, our collection has something for everyone.

Among our favorite pink and purple sapphire rings are -



This gorgeous and unique violet sapphire radiates an ethereal beauty that captivates the eye. Taking inspiration from the Aviation cocktail popular during the early 20th century, this exquisite ring is sure to make your heart flutter with its perfect balance of design elements. Its round cut purple sapphire sparkles with a captivating glow and flashes of pink, and is delicately set in pointed claw prongs. 

The tiny miligrain diamonds that adorn the baby wings add a vintage charm to the ring, while its stackable design makes it even more eye-catching from every angle. Aviation is an enchanting purple sapphire ring that will take your breath away.

Shop Aviation here


Pink sky

This sweet ring floats like hope on the breeze. The delicate tints of blush and peach dance throughout the facets of this square radiant cut sapphire.  Bubble and wispy feather inclusions confirm it's natural earth mined identity, which we love because it is shows unique characteristics of specimens grown within the earth for thousands of years. Framed in clean window-like step cut baguette diamonds, and styled with smoothe bezels, this art deco inspired ring is slightly elevated to accommodate your favorite stacking bands. Enjoy daydreaming about this ring, but not for too long, or it might soon be gone!

Shop Pink Sky here



Pear shape stud earrings in 10 karat yellow gold featuring small round purple sapphires and miligrain hand engraved details
Eleanor Studs

The Eleanor studs are the perfect earring with sparkle and vintage detailing. Set with lush purple sapphires, these sweet everyday pear shape studs feature delicate milgrain and come with secure backing to ensure you can wear them all day long without worry. Jump into warmer weather with these natural treasures that pop with a hint of purple! Made in 10K yellow gold, these sweet purple sapphires weigh approx. 0.09c total and are priced at $500CAD (plus applicable taxes and duties)

Shop the Eleanor stud earrings here



Midnight Sun

Subtle and thoughtfully designed to enhance but not distract from your engagement ring, this ring features unique silky opalescent pink sapphires, a natural phenomenon caused by inclusions within the stone that give the pink an iridescence unlike anything you have ever seen (except perhaps under a Midnight Sun!) Set in shared prongs, the stones are featured beautifully in this contemporary wedding band or stacking ring that fits with solitaires and many of our low profile ring styles.

Shop the Midnight Sun ring here


 Blazing Star 

The center stone of this ring is an otherworldly salt & pepper hexagon rose and is encased hand-applied milgrain detailing. Sitting on either side of the center diamond are pairs of purple baguette cut sapphires and high quality white baguette cut diamonds. Aptly named after the tall straight and bold purple Liatris flower, this colourfully accidented diamond ring is a sure fire statement ring to cherish.

Shop Blazing Star here


All Things Old Become New Again in Spring - Heirloom Restyling

Spring is the time of year for renewal, so it's also the perfect time to think about recycling gold. We like to call it upcycling or heirloom restyling.

Sustainability is important, and now you can make an ethical choice to upcycle an existing gold ring, with a new ethically sourced gemstone to create a family heirloom that will last for generations.

Have you inherited a beautiful gold setting but it needs a shiny new gemstone?

Spring and summer is the perfect time for heirloom restyling so you have the perfect heirloom gift to present by Christmas. Book your consultation now.

We Invite You to ...

Delve Into Our Spring Collection of Purple and Pink Sapphires. With spring in the air, there is no better time to explore the beauty of sapphires.

Visit EmilyGill.ca and discover our exquisite collection of ethically sourced sapphires, each one more beautiful than the next. From classic solitaire rings to modern statement pieces, we have something for every style and taste.

We invite you to explore the beauty of opalescent sapphires and experience the magical effect of light scattering off their inclusions. We guarantee that you won't be disappointed!

We look forward to helping you find (or create) your finished ring or perfect piece of jewelry.

Happy Spring from all of us at EG Bespoke!








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