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Heirlom restyling is currently closed until June 2023 - Other custom work turnaround is 8-12 weeks. Closed for August 2023.

Jewellery Care

Jewellery care can be very easily done at home to extend the life of your jewellery and keep it looking beautiful without having to visit a professional for cleaning.

Your ring may need occasional cleaning with soap and water to remove residue from the gemstones that may build up with normal wear. Scrubbing your jewellery with warm water, dish soap and a toothbrush is the most effective, safe and gentle way of cleaning your piece from Emily Gill. Rinse after cleaning and pat dry with a soft cloth. You can also use a blowdyer to remove any water spots. Remember to scrub behind the stones, as most build up will be hidden in the backs of the setting, which could be why your ring still looks lack luster after scrubbing the top.

It is safe to wash your hands, or shower with gold and diamond, sapphire and enamel jewelry made by Emily Gill. We recommend removing engagement or wedding bands while applying hand lotions to prevent build up of residue around the settings that will cause your jewelry to lack sparkle. It is better to remove jewellery while you sleep and set aside in a special dish or on a ring holder. Always wear gloves when handling toxic or abrasive cleaning products.

To protect softer gems such as pearl and opal from damaging chemicals, avoid using these products while wearing lotions or perfumes as they may compromise the gemstones.

Gold will naturally scratch with usual wear, but can become very damaged and wear away, thinning the metal slowly, if it is not set aside during activities such as working out with equipment or weights, gardening, building and construction, art and sculpture making or classes, house painting, etc.

Store silver in tightly sealed plastic baggies to prevent tarnishing while not being worn.

Giving your jewellery a day off every now and then will extend the life of your special heirloom.