Emily Gill's Moyo Magic Pop Up Ring: Marquise Shaped Color Change Sapphire Ring Set

Emily Gill's Moyo Magic Pop Up Ring: Marquise Shaped Color Change Sapphire Ring Set

Emily Gill has been invited to join seven different Indie Jewellers from Canada and the USA in an online design challenge to create an original ring featuring a Moyo Gem sapphire. The Moyo Magic Pop Up by Gem Breakfast and Misfit Diamonds will showcase Emily's hand-picked Moyo sapphire in her epic one-of-a-kind design. And, it's launching today, August 12, 2022!


An Original Creation from the Studio of Emily Gill.

Sixth Sense

18K Gold 1.51c Marquise Color Change Sapphire Ring Set

(Moyo Gems Color Change Sapphire)


Emily Gill is a Montreal-born bespoke jewellery designer who now lives in Toronto, Ontario. She inspires clients from all over the world to see the beauty in timeless style, original design and quality gold, glass and gems.

What Emily loves most about her work is that it allows her to be creative every day. Her pieces are one-of-a-kind, often with a nod to antique or vintage vibes, she takes great pride in being able to help her clients find their perfect piece of jewellery – whether it's an engagement ring, wedding band or something else altogether.

Every ring designed and created by Emily takes on its own journey and is of heirloom quality. Inspired by her vast creative mindset, based on her own experience and journey in jewelry design, Emily works with a team of professionals to bring each new design to life and to you, the customer.

This month, in collaboration with Gem Breakfast and Misfit Diamonds, Emily is showcasing an exclusive one-of-a-kind sapphire ring set that comes with an impressive back story, starting with Moyo Gems.



Moyo Gems is a responsible mine-to-market gemstone initiative that is focused on creating economic empowerment for female miners who sign up for the program. They work with women artisanal gem miners in Tanzania and Kenya to track rubies, sapphires, tourmaline, garnets, citrines, and amethysts from mine to market. 

The program provides education, tools and training to help the miners work safely, secure legal mining to their work, improve financial security, and create stable, equitable markets for fair trade. The miners retain 95% of the export price of the stones they sell, this is 3 to 10 times higher than the average miner. An international NGO oversees the program and ensures they are paid fairly.

Moyo means 'heart' in Kiswahili (the dominant language in Tanzania and Kenya), which is why the project is called Moyo Gems—'gems from the heart'.

 "Providing a support system to small independent miners (women miners) to ensure they get paid fairly and to give them access to a broader array of buyers, is allowing them to grow a more sustainable business," says Emily. "The gem business is huge, and this is ensuring the ethical treatment of people, in this case, women miners, right from the very beginning of the supply chain."

Moyo Gems provides an opportunity for small artisanal designers and buyers, like Emily Gill, EG Bespoke Ltd through her long-time trusted supplier, Misfit Diamonds, to have access to some of these beautiful ethically sourced and tracked gemstones. With a more direct and ethical supply chain, customers can be confident when they shop that they are getting tremendous value with these original creations.

Gem Breakfast 2022 Pop Up Collection Featuring Moyo Gems

Sapphires from Moyo Gems represent a smaller selection of the gemstones mined in the Moyo program, which also includes other precious stones, so it was a real honor to be featured in this Pop Up Collection with Gem Breakfast and Misfit Diamonds.  

"Selecting my Moyo sapphire from Misfit Diamonds was an exciting experience." says a delighted Emily. "The sapphire I chose spoke to me as a rare gem from the earth. It felt special. I hadn't worked with an earthy green color sapphire in a while, so I knew this would be something different."

Each ring tells its own story; the materials used, the craftsmanship and the love that went into making it all come together to form one-of-a-kind pieces of art. Emily is thrilled to be exhibiting her work alongside some of her favourite designers and can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Behind the scenes, each of the seven Indie Designers chosen to design their bespoke creations cheered each other on. They stayed in touch throughout their design processes talking about the pandemic, their families and the challenges they were experiencing throughout the design, production and finishing stages.

See the entire collection of these one-of-a-kind Moyo Gem rings, by these seven amazing designers, on Gem Breakfast today.


Every Moyo Gem Comes With a Story

"We want to help our clients understand they are supporting the growth of the gem business for women miners, in an ethical, sustainable way in East Africa," says Gill. "In the end, it becomes part of us offering the best experience for our customers."

Moyo Gem Women Begin Supply Chain of Ethical Sapphires to Artisans Like Emily Gill

Photo provided by PACT | pactworld.org | Press Room


Emily's love for jewellery creation was inspired at the young age of 6, on a visit to Kenya with her parents. "I remember watching tribal women making beaded jewellery and ornate necklaces. I was fascinated with the colours, speed with which they put together beautiful adornment, it was mesmerizing. I suppose that is when my interest in jewellery design really started."


What Makes Moyo Gems Different?

What makes Moyo Gems different is its commitment to artisanal and small-scale miners. These miners are the hidden workforce behind global products and they often go unnoticed and unappreciated. However, Moyo Gems is working to change that by offering radical traceability, backed by blockchain, that connects consumers to the dynamic communities of East Africa. This way, everyone involved in the production of these products can be appreciated and valued.

As rare as it is for small artisanal buyers and designers (like us) to get access to these precious gems we are fortunate to have access to a few of Moyo Gems stunning sapphires. Moyo Gems are the purest of gemstones, pure originals, some ornate, all beautifully unique.

Check out these loose Moyo Gems examples, all from Umba Valley, Tanzania, on our website. We do sell loose stones, but we would love to use our creative freedom to design a beautiful estate calibre ring for the right person with one of these precious gemstones!

Sapphire is a type of corundum, which is an aluminium oxide stone that can come in a variety of different colors. Blue sapphires are the most familiar type of sapphire, but they can also come in blue-green, green, yellow, bluish purple, purple and even pink sapphire.

Consider starting with a loose gemstone, if you are looking for a blue sapphire we have a fine sapphire for you to see. Or, perhaps purple sapphires are what you are looking for? The Moyo Gems, Tanzanian sapphire loose gemstones we have below may speak to you, and your search will be over, let's talk!


Full Circle Journey

So as far as journeys go ... Emily feels like her journey has come full circle today being able to announce the launch of an original design featuring a Moyo Gem color change sapphire. A gem that has been ethically sourced, and can be tracked back to the African region and the women who mined the gem.

Emily feels deeply blessed and fortunate to have been selected to design her latest creation with an original Moyo Gem, to feature in this interesting Gem Breakfast Sapphire Ring collection.


Emily Gills One-Of-A-Kind Design is 'Of the Earth'

The journey of this beautiful ring set started with amazingly strong African Women in the mines of Tanzania, East Africa.

Women Miners start supply chain of ethically sourced gemstones.  Photo provided by PACT World.Photo provided by PACT | pactworld.org | Press Room


The incredible journey and process continued when Emily hand selected this single marquis green sapphire stone, to work with in her artesian studio in Canada. She selected this particular stone for its earthy, muted, almost mossy green colour. 'Of the earth', she described it. Some people might describe this gem as a brown sapphire or grey sapphire, or hazel sapphire. She was excited to work with an earthy-colored stone, something unique ... and she wasn't going to hold back on design.


Let There Be Light - Color Change Sapphire Gemstone

Much to Emily's surprise, when she got this natural polished gem back to her studio, she discovered it was a color-change sapphire, it took on different colours in different types of light! It felt like the same type of color shifts you often see in people's eyes and so she knew she had to continue working with the theme of eye motifs for her design.

Superior quality stones, like this one, displaying a strong color change phenomenon are highly desirable. According to the Gemological Institute of America, Inc. 

So, early in the design process, Emily knew this color change sapphire stone was special and she was determined to come up with a design to elevate and pull out the natural colors of the gem. In outdoor light, and natural daylight, it is a beautiful earthy, muted mossy gray green colour. Indoors, under incandescent or fluorescent light it takes on the rare ability to change to a violet purple color... simply stunning color combinations!

Emily took her time in the design process and worked through several bespoke ideas. She studied the marquis shape of the gem and how light traveled through it, planning her design to embrace the different colours she discovered in the stone. When she settled on a theme for her design she considered how other gems could be placed around it. The design process took longer than usual, and it was worth the effort, as the final design is a unique one-of-a-kind showstopper.



Sixth Sense

East West Set Color Change Marquis Sapphire (Moyo Gem) Ring in 18K Yellow Gold with Matching Gold and Enamel Band


Be forever protected with this Evil Eye inspired set! The main ring holds a mesmerizing 1.51 carat dark teal to sage green color change marquise cut sapphire sourced from artisanal female miners from the Umba Valley, Tanzania, with a half halo of teal color change pear cut sapphires and high quality white round brilliant cut diamonds. Designer Emily Gill wanted to further emphasize this special stone with a matching band filled with a complementary robins egg blue enamel. Sleek compass prongs and 18k Yellow Gold finish off this one of a kind ring set. 

Other specifications to know about this fresh ring design:

  • it is made in rich buttery 18K yellow gold with a low profile and smooth comfort fit band
  • centre is a 1.51c color change marquise Moyo Sapphire
  • Accent stones are bi-color Australian pear shape sapphires with a total carat weight of with 0.50c
  • A few sparkling natural diamonds enhance and brighten the design (VS-SI clarity)
  • The band features Emily's signature vitreous glass enamel inlay in blue
  • size 6.5 and can be resized
  • retail price is $6000USD 
  • the ring set comes with an appraisal of $7800USD

The clarity of this color-change sapphire gemstone is simply stunning.

Purchase on Gembreakfast.com


What do you see when you look at this stunning masterpiece?

Do you see an eye motif?

You may see it as 'a green or hazel eye that's shifting colours', or you may think of 'an eye to the soul', or 'a modern mood ring'. Many will fall in love with the beautiful green eye but also love the story of the eye in a historical sense as a symbol of protection, more below...


A luck charm - the evil eye as a symbol of protection when worn as jewellery 

From the time Emily started working in jewellery in Montreal as a teenager she learned about many antique and historic symbols in beads and amulets in a unique boutique where she spent most of her afternoons working and restringing jewellery for clients. Glass evil eyes were very popular even back in 2004 in this bohemian bead shoppe where she worked and the symbol of protection would later serve as a point of inspiration for her Moyo Gems design. Emily sees this ring as an amulet, her interpretation of the deep rooted spiritual protection symbol of the evil eye. The 'evil eye' is to be worn at all times to ward off any person thinking negatively about you, and to ward off any of their negative or ill-meaning intentions towards you, even if you aren't aware of them.

Alternatively, turn the ring upside down and it could appear the diamond and pear-shaped stones are a beautiful crown framing the color-changing sapphire gemstone.  So, you could be considered wearing your 'halo' or crown jewels every day.


Did You Know?

Did you know... a sapphire ring symbolizes eternity, faithfulness, and loyalty? Sapphire is one of the hardest gemstones, making it a perfect choice for an engagement ring.  They are also believed to bring good luck and fortune to those who wear them. It is also the traditional gift for a 5th or 45th wedding anniversary.

There are a few reasons it is such a popular choice for an engagement ring.  

  • First and foremost, they are very durable. With a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale (diamonds are 10), they are resistant to scratches and wear and tear. This makes them ideal for wearing every day, which is important for an engagement ring.
  • Second, Sapphires also tend to hold their color well over time; unlike some other gemstones, they won’t fade or change color with age. 
  • Another reason they are so popular for engagement rings is that they come in a wide range of colors, so there is something for every personality.

 While blue sapphires are the most common, this beauty is the rarer green sapphire, a color change sapphire! If you've been searching for the ring of your dreams, you'll find the details and originality of this ring second to none. So double-check the ring size you need and start shopping!


Versatile and Flexible - Arc Band Completes the Setting

Lastly, when asked about why it's a set; why two rings for this creation? Emily says she wishes she could always design rings in sets. They are more versatile for the customer.


In this case, the gold band has been designed in an Arc with a beautiful robin egg blue enamel inlay. Working with enamel finishes is one of Gill's signature styles. "I wanted to finish the set with a fresh, happy color", says Emily. "It's happy, bright and cheerful. It compliments the gemstones and finishes the look perfectly."

Bought together you have a band as smooth as silk that truly compliments the unique design of the custom ring. What do you see in this beautiful set?

 Emily Gill Jeweller working at bench

It's Own Journey Start to Finish - Now to You

To say this beautiful sapphire and diamond ring set is unique and one of a kind is an understatement. This gemstone creation is as unique as the designer's journey in life herself. "It's designed to be so much a part of who I am," says Emily Gill.

In the end, this beautiful designer ring had its own natural journey from start to finish.

This custom green color change sapphire and diamond engagement ring set is truly one-of-a-kind and is the perfect way to add a unique and personal touch to your engagement. With its beautiful design and stunning gemstones, this ring is sure to become a family heirloom.


So don't wait

If you are a person who treasures one-of-a-kind original design, you need this ring in your jewelry collection!   

Double-check your ring size and shop today before it's gone!

You can purchase this ring exclusively from our online US stockist, Gem Breakfast, GemBreakfast.com





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Custom Sapphire Rings FAQs

Do sapphires make good engagement rings?

Sapphires make great engagement rings because they are a symbol of enduring love. They are also durable (with a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale, compared to diamonds which are 10), and will not scratch easily, making them a good choice for a ring that will be worn every day. Lastly, while blue sapphire is the most common color we see, sapphires come in many different colors, so you can find one that perfectly matches your fiancé's personality.

What does a sapphire engagement ring symbolize?

An engagement ring is a very special piece of jewelry that symbolizes the Promise of marriage. It is given by one person to another as a sign of their commitment to each other. The sapphire in an engagement ring represents faithfulness, sincerity, and loyalty - perfect virtues for a successful marriage. While any color of sapphire makes a great engagement ring, white sapphires are often sought out as an alternative to a diamond.

Blue sapphires have been treasured throughout history and have long been associated with royalty. In fact, many famous engagement rings including that of Princess Diana have featured stunning sapphires. The blue sapphire is said to represent purity, faithfully following one's heart.

Given all these associations, it's no wonder that giving a sapphire engagement ring expresses the deep love and devotion that is essential for a long-lasting relationship.


What does a blue sapphire represent?

Blue sapphire is believed to represent sincerity, faithfulness, and constancy. They are often given as gifts to commemorate important occasions like engagements, weddings, and anniversaries.

It's also good to note that blue sapphire is the birthstone for the month of September. And sapphires in general are recognized as the gemstone for 5th and 45th wedding anniversaries!


Are color-changing sapphires rare?

Yes, color-changing sapphires are rare. The color of sapphire can depend on the different light and the viewing angle, so some sapphires may look a blue color when viewed from one direction but change to purple or pink sapphire color when viewed from a different light or direction. This effect is called pleochroism.

Imagine our delight when given the chance to make a custom sapphire ring from Moyo Gems, when we discovered it was a marquis cut of a color change sapphire!


Are color change sapphires natural?

Yes, color change sapphires are natural. The color of sapphire can change depending on the light exposure; for example, under fluorescent light, they might appear to be a different color than they do in natural sunlight. This is due to the way light is scattered by the mineral composition of the sapphire.

This color-changing property is referred to as "pleochroism."


Do sapphires change color over time?

Sapphires do indeed change color over time - albeit very slowly. They will gradually become lighter or darker depending on their exposure to natural or artificial light sources. In some cases, sapphires might even change hue entirely, going from a light blue color to purple or vice versa.

While this may seem like a drawback, many gem aficionados view this as one of the key appeals of sapphires. Unlike other stones which retain their color indefinitely, sapphires offer a dynamic and ever-evolving appearance that can be enjoyed for generations to come. So if you're thinking about investing in a sapphire, rest assured that it will only become more beautiful with age!


Are color change sapphires valuable?

Yes. Color change sapphire gemstones are rarer than other varieties of sapphire, and as a result, they are typically more valuable. The color of a color-change sapphire can vary depending on the light source. In natural light, the sapphire will appear to be a different color than it does in artificial light. This makes them a popular choice for jewelry because they can be worn like a modern-day 'mood ring'. They are interesting and beautiful.


What does wearing a sapphire ring mean?

Although wearing a sapphire ring can mean different things to different people, some general associations are often made with this gemstone. For example, sapphires are often seen as symbols of faithfulness and fidelity, which makes them a popular choice for engagement and wedding rings. Because of their inherent hardness, sapphires are also seen as signifying strength and durability - two adjectives that any relationship would benefit from!

Deep blue sapphires are often associated with qualities like depth, stability, and loyalty. For some people, wearing a blue sapphire ring might symbolize those characteristics and serve as a reminder to be loyal and supportive in relationships. Others might interpret the meaning of a sapphire ring more literally, believing that the gemstone has special powers to protect against evil spirits or ward off negative energy.

Toronto bespoke ring designer, Emily Gill, used her creative genius to turn a color change sapphire into a rare 'evil eye' creation set in 18k yellow gold to further support power to protect the wearer against negative thoughts or ill harm.



You know this Emily Gill Original won't last long!

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