Get the Inside Scoop on Genuine Ruby Rings - What Makes Them So Valuable, and How You Can Add One to Your Collection!

Get the Inside Scoop on Genuine Ruby Rings - What Makes Them So Valuable, and How You Can Add One to Your Collection!

The ruby is a stunning gemstone that has been treasured for centuries. This beautiful stone is the perfect way to show your loved one how much they mean to you. Or, loved one, maybe it's time to treat yourself!

Interested to learn what ruby actually stands for?


July Birthstone

Ruby rings carry more sentiment than simply being a popular birthstone for the month of July.

40th Wedding Anniversary is known as a Ruby Anniversary

Ruby is seen as a symbol of traditional anniversary gifts for the 40th year. The colour red of a ruby represents love and passion, making it a perfect gift for couples who are celebrating their 40th anniversary.

Ruby also has a long history of being seen as a valuable and precious gemstone, making it a perfect gift for someone who is celebrating a milestone anniversary.


The History of the Ruby

The ruby has been prized since ancient times and has been mentioned in many different cultures.

In Sanskrit, the ruby is known as ratnaraj, which means "king of precious stones."

In China, ruby was seen as a symbol of courage and power.

And in Europe, the ruby was believed to protect its wearer from evil.


The Value of a Genuine Ruby

A genuine ruby is quite valuable because it's so rare, even rarer than diamonds!

They are also very durable, which makes them perfect for use in jewellery for daily wear, making them most suitable for birthdays or as an anniversary gift.

They come in a variety of colours, but the most prized are those that are blood-red in colour.


Ruby Engagement Rings Canada | Celebrity Ruby Engagement Rings

Some celebrities who have received ruby engagement or wedding rings include Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, and Jackie Kennedy.

All three of these women were known for their beauty and style, and all three had very successful marriages. Rubies are often seen as a symbol of love and passion, so it is no surprise that these famous women chose to wear ruby rings on their most special days.

Other celebrities who have been given ruby engagement or wedding rings include Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and Madonna. All three of these women are known for their talent and their beauty, and all three have had very successful careers. Rubies are often seen as a symbol of power and success, so it is no surprise that these powerful women chose to wear ruby rings for their special occasions.


Which of these Ruby Rings, 'Originals' by Emily Gill (Toronto), needs to be in Your Collection?


Featuring Two New Ruby Rings In the new Emily Gill Collection


Kir Royale - Ruby Ring 


Kir Royale is a stunning ruby gold ring that is bound to catch anyone's attention. The beautiful 2.02c oval red ruby is set in double claw prongs in a three-stone design, with pear diamond accents.

The cathedral design is classic and romantic, stackable and sits low on the finger.

The luxe red hues of the ruby are offset by sparkling Canadian diamonds, making this ring a truly stunning piece of jewelry.


Love Potion, Ruby and Diamond Ring Canada

LOVE POTION Ruby Engagement Ring

Few things in life are as thrilling as finding true love. And what better way to declare your intentions than with an Emily Gill original, the stunning Love Potion ring!

Featuring a gorgeous 1.01 carat ruby set in romantic double claw prongs, this ring is guaranteed to make your special someone weak in the knees.

But that's not all. This ring also features two beautiful rose-cut diamonds on either side, adding even more sparkle and romance to the mix. And because of its cathedral design, this ring stacks beautifully with other rings.

So whether you're looking for a stand-alone statement piece or something to add to your growing collection, the Love Potion ring is a truly excellent choice.

Ruby rings have been coveted by royalty for centuries, making this ring not only stunning but also steeped in history and tradition.


Maybe you are looking for a Wedding Band?


Cherry On Top

Cherry on Top Gold Wedding Band with Ruby Gemstone

There is no band sweeter than this 14K yellow gold band with a ruby 'cherry on top'. Sweet and simple, this one-of-a-kind contour band with a dainty red ruby is quite simply the Cherry on Top of an already sweet situation.

The 14K yellow gold band has a gentle curve design with a precious 0.10carat natural marquise cut ruby, with 0.01c VS SI natural diamond accents.


Not sure about a ring .. How About Earrings?


Red Velvet Studs Set in 14K Yellow Gold

Ruby Stud Earrings

Fine 14K yellow gold stud earrings each set with a bright red pear shaped ruby. Natural Ruby Sapphires with a total weight of 0.54c.


Ruby Rings. Isn't it time!?!

The next time you see a ruby, remember that this gemstone is not only beautiful but also has a long and rich history.

As a symbol of love, passion and power, success ... isn't it time you added a Ruby Ring to your collection!

Ruby is truly a unique and special gemstone that is perfect for more than a birthday or anniversary gift!

Choose ruby rings for any occasion.

Interested in a Ruby Engagement Ring - whether you are interested in ruby rings set in platinum, silver, white or yellow gold, with or without diamond, emerald or white sapphire accents, don't wait long.

Wondering about Mens Ruby Rings Canada - Let's Talk!

At EG Bespoke Ltd we want to help you find the perfect 'forever' keepsake.

Shop early for gift giving.



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